About Us

At syntechco we focus on people, innovation strategy, and quality custom cloud solutions. Founded by cloud enthusiasts in 2014, we're a cloud application development company, transforming customer's visions into beautiful intuitive mobile and web solutions that scale to support millions of users. We bring a fresh perspective to your problems through our agile design and development process that accelerates your time to market and ensures you launch the right product for the right people at the right time.


Our mission is to help clients get where they want to be and to turn this into reality in every project, we leverage most advanced technologies and innovative ideas that not only bring proficiency in our services but also make them cost-effective.


Help solve toughest problems, build smarter, faster, highly secure planet-scale cloud-based solutions that are absolutely best in the category, as well as equally affordable. Continuously learn, innovate, deliver and improve team and processes.


At syntechco, we promise to stick to ethical practices and uphold higher standards when it comes to integrity, honesty, confidentiality, commitment, and professionalism. And we’re entirely dedicated to staying true to these principle values 24/7.

Our Commitment

Customer Focused

Customer are the lifeblood of our company. Without their success we wouldn’t exist. We treat every project as if it’s our first project and we treat every client as if it’s our only client.


Be open and honest within the company and with customers. Use a process that requires visibility and transparency and deliver work rapidly and continuously. Always identify potential risks and mitigation strategies.


We believe that design and quality user experience trumps all else when it comes to adoption of cloud technologies. Build products that are useful, well-informed, and connected.


Treat customers, colleagues and everyone around us with respect, kindness and generosity just like our own family.


Provide constructive, honest, and actionable feedback.Build better solutions where people and organizations can raise concerns, share their best ideas and work toward solutions.


Continuously learn and teach – every day. Grow junior team members through apprenticeship. Strive to make experimentation and learning both expected and safe for everyone on the team.