We build high quality custom Cloud Solutions with a heart for service


We know that time is money in business, so we set realistic deadlines (for ourselves and for our clients) and stick to them. We communicate constantly with our clients to give them updates as we progress and get projects launched by the agreed launch date.

We’ll go above and beyond to support your business around-the-clock.We take proactive steps to minimize issues, and help resolve them quickly should the need arise. We make sure you have the tools your business requires to function at its best.

Syntechco clients appreciate that they can rely on Syntechco’s experience and expertise to ensure they get the best advice as it relates to their organisation and circumstances. Particularly as Syntechco have taken the time to understand their needs, industry, and organisation.

Our staff are trained in SCRUM and are passionate about delivering software the "Agile Way". We use cloud based agile solutions to manage the requirements, bugs, issues, timelines and continuous delivery.

It has been said that for the relationship between an IT department and their managed services provider is like a marriage. It is built on trust and respect, and functions much better if those involved are easy to work with. Which is why Syntechco is so proud of its reputation of being easy to work with.

Businesses, no matter what their type or size, by using our managed cloud services can save substantial capital costs through reduction in spending on equipment, infrastructure and software. We offer our clients cost effective solutions that meet their needs using a number of approaches.


Google Cloud Platform - Build, Store, Scale, SUCCEED

Google Cloud Platform’s portfolio of products enables businesses of any size, in any vertical to leverage the same infrastructure used by Google for its own products and services. Your business can build and host websites and apps, as well as store and analyze data all using Google’s infrastructure. Google’s solutions provide seamless scalability at a fraction of the cost. Moving internal systems to the cloud can be challenging. Let our development team help you leverage all that Cloud Technologies can offer. The options are limitless! Create a fully customized Cloud environment, workflow or web application with the help of Syntechco.

Mobile Application Development

We provide bespoke mobile applications solution from inception to delivery and will even help to support and maintain your mobile app. We always utilize cutting edge technologies and we are keen on developing the latest skills required to ensure we can always create the most successful possible apps to make your business platform the best it can be.

Building with compatibility and interoperability close to mind allows our apps to operate smoothly across all mobile platforms. We keep your unique selling point and target audience as our main priority and develop your app to reach new heights in marketability and satisfaction.

GSuite - Put Google to Work for You

Discover the power of productivity with G Suite at your fingertips - from any place and on any device. G Suite is professional email, online storage, shared calendars, video meetings and more in one easy-to-manage productivity suite. As a G Suite expert, we offer comprehensive deployment, implementation, training and ongoing support to ensure your team gets the most out of this powerful business collaboration set of tools.